We Are offering the following certificate classes.


These certificate classes are offered exclusively to licensed beauty professionals to further enhance their credentials. Some classes are completed within a day and participants receive a certificate to demonstrate their competency and ability. Participants may invite their own models. Supplies are included in the class cost, additional supplies can be purchased anytime.

Spray Tan Class

This is an 6 hour course (no license required to take this course) including discussion, theory and hands on training. Models will be provided and you are also welcome to bring models if you wish.

Eyelash Extensions Class

This is a two day course where you will learn all about Eyelash Extensions!  Students will receive in-depth theory, and hands on, learning the application techniques and client consultations.  Two models will be required to bring to this course. Certificates will be distributed at the end of class.

(kit included)

Smoothout Straightening Hair Class

This is an 8 hour course where students will learn about the Smoothout Treatment Service, Product Knowledge, Proper Application, and Safety and Sanitation.  Students will need to bring one model to demonstrate on in the afternoon.

Certificates will be distributed at the end of class.