Hairstyling Course


Students will gain the knowledge that they need to be successful in the cosmetology industry through classroom theory instruction and hands-on practical training on the Academy Clinic.  Grading is based on written theory exams and practical evaluations.

Our Course will teach invaluable lessons in…


 Shampooing and Rinsing


 Hair Coloring



 Chemical Texture Services

 Laws, Rules and Regulations



 Interpersonal Skills


 Disinfection, Sanitation

 Safe Workplace

 Standards in the workplace


 Infection control

 State Board Basics




Course                    Semester                                                      Contact hours

Shampooing, Rinsing and                 Conditioning________________60 contact hours

Hair Coloring_______________240 contact hours

Haircutting________________240 contact hours

Hairstyling_________________210 contact hours

Chemical Texture Services____120 contact hours

Laws, Rules and Regulations____30 contact hours

Management, Ethics, Interpersonal Skills and Salesmanship_________________30 contact hours

Disinfection, Sanitation and Safe Work    Practices__________________270 contact hours

Total Lab and Theory         1200 contact hours